Guide to the new world of Safari for Windows

Safari is Apple’s very own default browser, used across various Apple and Mac platforms by millions of users. Apple’s Safari has faced a lot of compliments on being one of the most simplistic, minimalistic and user friendly browser interfaces by all of its users.

However, Safari has also faced a lot of criticism for its fault and bugged, unstable version of Safari for windows. Safari has taken this up as constructive criticism and developed the latest Safari version for their Windows users. Now, users over various platforms can enjoy the delights that the newest version of Safari is bringing with it.

How to download Safari for Windows

  1. Visit the official website;
  2. Click on “Safari 5 Free Download”.
  3. Choose your operating system.
  4. Click on “Download Now”.
  5. Run the installer.
  6. If you are using a MAC operating system, drag the application to your doc. If you are using Windows, bring the application to your desktop by copy pasting.
  7. Unzip, install and run the program!


  • A working internet connection
  • File size of 36.7 MB
  • Updated Windows version

New features of Safari for Windows:

  • Improved JavaScript performance of over 13% over previous Safari.
  • Bugs and issues improved which cause hanging and memory or space issues.
  • Improved stability when using Safari options like drag, using Find and managing extensions.
  • Improved stability for websites that use Silverlight plug in like
  • Issues with incorrect websites being shown in search history have been improved.
  • Improved ability to print from Safari.
  • Addressed issues that did not allow Google Browsing Service to update.

Why is Safari the best browser?

  • Safari is the fastest browser platform, showing 2x speed and performance over other browsing platforms.
  • It has a simplistic and elegant user interface which is easy for any first time user to understand.
  • Easy way to bookmark links and websites and access them.
  • Pop ups and ads have been blocked when using the Safari interface.
  • Tabbed browsing allows users to switch between tabs and applications with ease and accessibility.
  • SnapBack feature allows users to quickly scroll to the top of the search results to find a previous website they might have searched.
  • Safari auto fills your forms and documents online using the information you have provided previously.
  • Built in RSS informs you when new content has been added to a previously visited website.
  • Resizable text fields allow you to resize any text on your screen by simply dragging the ends of the screen using your arrow.
  • Private browsing allows you to keep your browsing history private with a single click of a button.

Safari is a great browsing alternative and offers users with many new features which shine over the features of other browsing platforms. With constant updates, debugs and fixes for errors, Safari for PC is the best browsing platform for users to enjoy their browsing experience. It is a safe choice for download on your Windows platform and offers you great security and fast browsing speeds.

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