Are you putting up with pale red bumps on your skin that itches and stings too? Well sadly, you are suffering from a skin disorder called hives. Some even call it Urticaria. Hives are a menacing problem. It is not just ugly to look at but the excruciating sense of burning and itchiness is terrible to put up with. These swollen red bumps can pop up anywhere in the body and the size of it is absolutely unpredictable. From little bumps, hives can fan into expansive wheals or plaques all over the skin. Usually Urticaria springs up when the body has reacted wildly to certain allergens and lasts for a couple of hours only. However, if those painful bumpy hives stay up for more than six weeks, surely the person is suffering from chronic Urticaria and angioedema.

So, are you looking for ways to treat the tormenting hives? Well, guess you should learn about the allergic triggers first.

What causes hives?

  1. Additives, preservatives and flavors added in food stuff.
  2. Items like peanuts, eggs, milk and a few varieties of fish.
  3. Bites of insects.
  4. Environmental pollutants.
  5. Drugs like penicillin, aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen.

One can stay clear from the chances of developing hives by avoiding these substances. However, to bid goodbye to the menacing skin disorder, one needs to opt for treating ointment and sprays that relieves the painful symptoms of hives. One great solution is the OxyHives. People have been using this product to treat the burning swells, a common symptom of hives. Believe it or not but OxyHives work like a magic!


Info on OxyHives

The first question that springs up here is what is oxyhives? Is it an ointment, pill or a spray? Well, OxyHives is an oral spray that wards off the gruesome symptoms of the skin disorder pretty quick. It is worth mentioning here that the product is an all-natural homeopathic solution. Unlike most other treating products available in stores, this amazing homeopathic tubemate iphone solution of OxyHives contains top-notch quality natural ingredients that are FDA approved and are also tested. These ingredients are mainly put into use by big names in the health and beauty industry. So, chances of suffering from any kind of an aftermath are nil when using OxyHives.

Do you know anything about Histamine? Calling it a chemical would be appropriate here. Histamine is secreted by special cells revolving around the blood vessels. In order to combat the ill-effect of histamine, the body reacts and in the process little amount of blood plasma is leaked out of the vessels. This causes Hives or Urticaria, as you would call it. As an antidote, OxyHives is sprayed under the tongue. Soonafter, the solution blends into the bloodstream providing immediate relief from the painful and itching symptoms of Hives.

Ingredients in the Homeopathic Solution of OxyHives:

  1. Arnica Montana – Swellings popping up on the skin surface is a result of inflammation and these inflamed outgrowths are very painful. Arnica Montana is an organic substance that eradicates pain and swelling in the soft tissues.
  2. Apis Mellifica – The name ‘Hives’ itself suggests that there is a burning sting like feeling when suffering from hives. Apis Mellifica is a brilliant ingredient that treats all symptoms of Hives – swelling, redness, stinging pain and ofcourse the burning sensation.
  3. Lachesis – Another great ingredient, Lachesis fixes the skin and cuts-down its sensitivity. It cures swelling and also guarantees freedom from the irritating burning sensation.

Oxyhives Reviews

OxyHives is a product created from the finest of natural ingredients. So the product is not associated with any kind of side-effects till date. However, it is recommended to keep the product away from toddlers and pregnant women.

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