Idol White Reviews 2018 – Does It Really Works?

Idol White Reviews – It has been observed, around 70-80% of people around the globe faces teeth problem and the most common one is that they have dull or yellow teeth. There can be several reasons that can lead to discolouration of teeth and enamel. Smoking, drinking too much coffee, tea or alcoholic beverages are few of them while it also occurs due to ageing. It looks very bad and affects the personality of individuals and especially young people. They gain a negative feedback from the society as a whole as teeth is an indicator of social status apart from good health and hygiene. A beautiful smile leaves an everlasting and good impression on others and speaks of our personality and self confidence. So you can try out an effective whitening solution for this type of problems and achieve positive feedbacks about yourself.

Introduction of Idol White:

Idol White is an effective and easy whitening solution in the form of pen that can improve the condition of your teeth and bring across a sparkling white smile across your face. It is sure to create the difference and you can get professional results on your own without even visiting a doctor.

Origin, functions, Benefits and its Effectiveness:

Idol White is manufactured in USA and made up of natural ingredients. So it is safe and doesn’t have any side effects. It has been designed intricately to offer results over a period of time, provided it is used daily. It is even FDA approved which proves that it has followed all the strict guidelines and standard while formulation.

It contains the following ingredients and the functions of each of them has been discussed to exhibit its effectiveness has been discussed below –

  1. Glycerin: It helps the other components of this gel to penetrate better into enamel and offer better whitening results
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide-It is the most effective ingredients which acts as a bleaching agent and helps to oxidize strains thereby removing them.
  3. Sodium Hydroxide-It helps in speeding up the delivery of other components into the enamel thereby accelerating its activity.
  4. Carbomer- It helps in enhancing the color of teeth thereby adding to the sparkling white effect of the teeth.
  5. Sodium Saccharin _ it adds taste to the whitening product. The name sdoesn’t mean it contains sugar so it doesn’t cause any damage to the teeth.
  6. Peppermint oil- It is included in the whitening gel to increase the taste so that you feel fresher after its usage.
  7. Edta – It assists in eliminating the toxins thereby cleansing the teeth and adding on to the whitening effect.

Other ingredients includes water which acts as a cleansing agent which offers shine to the teeth and unlike tap water it is free of any contaminants.

The beneficial part is that you can take care of your teeth without consulting a doctor safely and that too without any assistance since it is easy to use. Actually even a high quality hygiene care cannot prevent your teeth from turning yellow or discolored since with growing age and time it is quite impossible to prevent this situation. So this gel can help you to prevent the situation thereby promoting a healthy and hygienic regimen for teeth from time to time that too in professional manner without costing you too much. It even saves your reputation from being spoiled and helps you to keep smiling with oozing confidence.

Steps to use the gel and dosages:

  1. First brush your teeth with toothpaste so that the gel can work effectively
  2. Twist the gel pen to dispense gel
  3. Apply the gel on the teeth without using any applicators since this pen is capable of dispensing the whitening element throughout. So it’s very easy and mess free.
  4. As soon it gets dried just wash it off with water

You need do apply this gel twice a day and you can yourself feel the difference within two to three days. While for everlasting results you need to use it for several months may be for 6-7 months regularly.


  1. It is natural and approved by FDA.
  2. It is reported with no side effects.
  3. It not only helps in whitening teeth but its ingredients also assist in cleaning it effectively.
  4. Comes with a money back guarantee for unused pens.
  5. It is small and simple and easy to carry .
  6. It is not a messy like other whitening solutions and simple to use.


  1. It is expensive considering that it is just a pen compared to its counterparts.
  2. You can observe changes within a short span time but has to continue using it for several months to obtain effective results.
  3. Although no side effects have been observed but it may cause irritation and burning sensation in few individuals. Even the minty taste is not liked by everyone. So need to consult a doctor before you start using it.

Right Place to Buy:

You should place the order on their official website and sign up for free trial. You can even cancel the membership within 14 days of placing the order so that you don’t get charged.

Side effects:

Although it doesn’t have side effects but if someone is already suffering with existing dental problem should consult a doctor before using it. Some people have also face irritation and sensitivity. It can be basically due to some ingredients to which they might be sensitive to. So they should avoid using it and try something else.


The reviews from its customers, experts and various researches have proved that this product is quite effective and fetched good results. Most of the people are satisfied and given positive feedbacks about it. Even celebrities, superstars are happy with its performance and recommended its usage as per the reviews so collected. So you can try it once to feel the difference on your own.

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