Garmin Vivofit

Garmin is popular for its running watches and navigation products, but they want to increase the customer base by introducing some high tech gadgets. This is the main reason why Garmin Vivofit exists in the market. It is a kind of an activity tracking gadget, one can wear it on his or her wrist to track the calories burned, daily steps, distance travelled, assign goals and how well he or she has slept. All these things contributed towards the health by making it healthy and enhanced. It is the device that can be best at CKT (Cool Kids Table).

So, get ready to know about it so that you can get it for your own benefit:

What is Garmin Vivofit?

It is an activity tracker as a wristband, such as the Jawbone Up, Nike Fuelband, or Fitbit Force. It is the best gadget in this technological world, if you are too busy and want to track your different kinds of activities.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

Garmin Vivofit

Why does it recommend?

There are a plenty of Garmin fans out in the world, and this device combines into the existing online platform of the company to make it easy for you to track all the athletic detection from a single page. This device has the potential to combine with an ANT+ heart rate monitor. With this combination, you can get a better illustration about your workouts, in actuality what is going on. Last but not the least, it is recommended due to the reason that there is no need to charge it.

What are its components?

It has a pretty design. There are a reflective LCD screen, ANT+ radio, Bluetooth 4.0 radio and ANT= USB dongle. Every component has its own features and benefits. With the button, you can toggle throughout the different display screens. In addition, it comes with many posts, which you can pop throughout many holes to remain it in place. You can easily wear it as it has a low and adjustable profile. These features make it stand out of others.

How does Garmin Vivofit work?

It is actually a miniature pod, which you can click in and out of the wristband. It helps you in changing the colors. It is available with a large and a small band in different sizes as per the wrist sizes. With it ANT+ radio at the time of workout, you can combine it with a chest-strap HRM so that it can measure the activities. The Bluetooth 4.0 radio is used to send to the mobile devices. In any case, in the absence of internet-enabled device, you can use ANT+ USB dongle to sync directly throughout the computers.


What is special in Garmin Vivofit?

Without any doubt, we can say that it is first tracking gadget, which you never want to leave. It has many unique and stunning features, which helps you in deciding to opt for this device. It is water resistant for up to 50 meters. It means that while wearing it, you can easily and stress free swim. It has a replaceable battery, which might last for at least one year. All you need to do is to replace the battery in one year.

How to use Garmin Vivofit?

It is quite easy to use it because of simple design. One must wear it properly covering the wrist. After wearing it, you can see the always-on screen. With it, you can measure your heart rate, if you are running. Like this, you can perform many tracking activities, for which it is intended for.

What Garmin Vivofit does for you?

This tracking gadget can perform many kinds of functions for you. Its main function is to track steps with the use of its inbuilt accelerometer. It can also measure the calories burned in an accurate manner. While you are running or jogging, it is capable of measuring all the activities along with the heart rate. This device is not a rocket science; you need to use it properly to see how it works for you.

Should one buy Garmin Vivofit?

Of course, if you are a health conscious person, then you must buy it. You can get it online at $130. If combined with the HRM, then you need to pay an amount of $170.

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