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Nothing beats a healthy, happy smile, don’t you think? Have you ever realized that a person with stained teeth tends to smile less? Any idea why? Well to start with, white teeth are the best accessories human beings are naturally gifted with. When interacting with people for the first time, smile plays a big role since its noted first. Slightly stained yellowish teeth are not good to look at. It ruins the first impression. There are also chances of the conversation to die out pretty soon since the person on your opposite might not want you to smile or showoff your stained teeth while talking. Just like a radiant skin and silky voluminous hair, one should always aim to maintain bright white teeth, more appropriately the ‘pearly whites’.

Having white teeth is not always about having a bright smile and a good appeal. It is also about a flourishing oral health. A mouth is like a window, it is a reflection of one’s health – do you disagree? Think about it, when suffering from digestion disorders or stomach problems, bad breath, mouth lesions and other oral problems are the common aftermaths. Nobody wishes to put up with excruciating gum problems or oral disorders. The repercussion is also felt in the discoloration of teeth. So, it is imperative to practice oral hygiene and make measures to maintain the glistening pearly whites.

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Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to get your teeth whitened and most of them, exceptionally cutting-edge and befitting in their own ways. However, it must also be observed that dental bleaching and other modern techniques can certainly burn holes in your pocket. So, if you were looking for teeth whitening solutions that can be done at the comfort of your home and is definitely not very expensive, Alta White is your best product.

What’s in the Alta White teeth whitening kit?

Are you upset watching your pearly whites go pale and yellowish? Blame your food habit for it! Fags, aerated drinks and ofcourse those cups of Joe had to show its aftermath and so, you end up having more-yellow and less-white teeth. Don’t worry! Alta White is here to ensure relief from discolored teeth and enhance oral hygiene. Let’s quickly take a glance at the ingredients that make up for this lovely and popular teeth whitening solution.

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The Alta White Kit in details:

Alta White Powdered Whitening Agent – As soon as you open the kit, the first thing you will get your hands on is a jar stock-full of a powder. This is a teeth whitening powder and contain active ingredients like Trihydroxide, Aluminum and Magnesium. The powder functions to remove stains and clears off the discolored yellow spots on the pearly whites.

Teeth Whitening Swabs – An Alta White kit comprises of 24 swabs in total. These are enough to cater you for a week at-least. Wondering what are the swabs for? Well, unlike the ordinary, these swabs are filled-in with a special, whitening liquid solution. It is a blend of water, propylparaben, methylparaben, FD & C Blue 1 and glycerin. Since the taste buds are pretty close to the teeth, these swabs come with a mild peppermint flavor.

The Alta White Kit is guaranteed to reward you bright and shiny pearly whites in just a week. However, there’s just one instruction – try and change the swabs when you are done with the upper teeth and rolling on to the bottom ones.

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Incorporation of peroxide in the Alta White teeth whitening solution can cause a few problems for people with sensitive gums. Peroxide is a reactive agent and should be used with caution.

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